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jb0xtchi. JBOXTCHI.
Sydney based artist. Combining the cute with the creepy.

Release_00221 [9AM -7UTC @ 14 Oct 2021]
FAJBX002001 - "The Debutant" Tapered Fit Tee
FAJBX002002 - "The Debutant" Tapered Fit Tee
FAJBX002003 - "The Debutant" Fleece Hoodie
FAJBX002004 - "The Moon and His Houses" Longsleeve Tee
FAJBX002005 - "The Moon and His Houses" Widebody Tee
FAJBX002006 - "The Moon and His Houses" Tapered Fit Tee
FAJBX002007 - "The Moon and His Houses" Taper Fit Longsleeve Tee
FAJBX002008 - "The Moon and His Houses" Hoodie
FAJBX002009 - "New Friends" Hoodie
FAJBX002010 - " My Little Rubber Duck" Tapered Fit Tee

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