Collab-store Delivery 2: Archive 2000/Romance - Aya Takano X Kiru Made 着るまで

Kiru Made 着るまで Collab Store Aya Takano Archive 2000 Romance
AYA TAKANO X KIRU MADE 着るまで. Fixed Collab-store.
Apparel produced and delivered from South East Asia.

Delivery 2 "Romance" [9AM -7UTC @ 1 Jul 2021]
CSAYA001005 - "Space Police Girl" Longsleeve Tee
CSAYA001006 - "Delinquent Girl" Widebody Tee
CSAYA001007 - "Police Girl" Light Denim
CSAYA001008 - "Space Bad Girl" Light Drawstring Pants

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