Collab-store Delivery: KIRU MADE - JOYMAN GALLERY 2022 X Kiru Made 着るまで

JOYMAN GALLERY 2022 X KIRU MADE 着るまで. Fixed Collab-store.

Apparel produced and delivered from South East Asia.

Tarntara, Knn.5 and Aitoy [8AM -8UTC @ 1 Sep 2022]
CSTTR001001 - "Crossing The River" Widebody Tee
CSTTR001002 - "Stranger in a Dream" Widebody Tee
CSTTR001003 - "Crossing The River" Taper Fit Tee
CSTTR001004 - "Crossing The River" Longsleeve Tee
CSTTR001005 - "Stranger in a Dream" Longsleeve Tee
CSTTR001006 - "Crossing The River" Taper Fit Longsleeve Tee
CSTTR001007 - "Piggy Bank" Taper Fit Tee
CSTTR001008 - "Piggy Bank" Taper Fit Longsleeve Tee

CSKNN001001 - "Neothaicivilization: The Observer" Widebody Tee
CSKNN001002 - "Neothaicivilization: The Adventure" Widebody Tee
CSKNN001003 - "Neothaicivilization: The Adventure" Taper Fit Tee
CSKNN001004 - "Neothaicivilization: The Observer" Longsleeve Tee
CSKNN001005 - "Neothaicivilization: The Adventure" Longsleeve Tee
CSKNN001006 - "Neothaicivilization: The Adventure" Taper Fit Longsleeve Tee
CSKNN001007 - "Neothaicivilization: Dancing Star" Widebody Tee
CSKNN001008 - "Neothaicivilization: Dancing Star" Longsleeve Tee
CSKNN001007 - "Neothaicivilization: Dancing Star" Hoodie
CSKNN001008 - "Neothaicivilization: Dancing Star" Fleece Hoodie

CSATY001001 - "Cryin" Widebody Tee
CSATY001002 - "Youtube Thumbnail" Widebody Tee
CSATY001003 - "Justice" Hoodie
CSATY001004 - "Cryin" Longsleeve Tee
CSATY001005 - "Youtube Thumbnail" Longsleeve Tee

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