Release: Sticker Artist- Fuku Mono 福物

Fuku Mono Kiru Made Pris Bampoh Bampshi

Release 1 - "Sticker Artist" Pris Bampoh X Fuku Mono 2020 [27 Aug 2020] 
FMBPH001001 - "Sticker Artist" 
FMBPH001002 - "Job to Do"
FMBPH001003 - "Sunset"

Release 2 - "Charms" Pris Bampoh X Fuku Mono 2020 [3 Sep 2020] 
FMBPH001004 - "Charms" 
FMBPH001005 - "Devils"

福 (Fuku - Shirt) 物 (Mono - Things). 

Made-to-order Tees produced and delivered from South East Asia. Curated artwork by Kiru Made partner artists worldwide.

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