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Louman. louman
 Hi! My name is Luoman. I am an artist living in Paris and a graduate of Gobelins. I work as a character designer, illustrator, and comic artist. I like to observe people and things in life, as well as fashion, food, and cats, and I want to represent them with my stroke.

Release_00121  [9AM -7UTC @ 30 Sep 2021]
FBVAC002001 - "Strawberry Mood" Taper-Fit Tee
FBVAC002002 - "Lavender Mood" Taper-Fit Tee
FBVAC002003 - "Lavender Mood" Widebody Tee
FBVAC002004 - "Lavender Mood" Longsleeve Tee
FBVAC002005 - "Lavender Mood" Taper-Fit Longsleeve Tee
FBVAC002006 - "Strawberry Mood" Taper-Fit Longsleeve Tee
FBVAC002007 - "Lavender Mood" Taper-Fit Longsleeve Tee
FBVAC002008 - "Strawberry Mood" Taper-Fit Longsleeve Tee
FBVAC002009 - "Strawberry Mood" Fleece Hoodie

Kiru Made 着るまで Seasonal:
"Fall Gai" Fall Winter 2020

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